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When to talk to a tax lawyer


As we discussed in an article on our website, most people don’t think of contacting a tax lawyer until they are facing some kind of problem such as being accused of not paying taxes or being audited. However, it’s best to work with a tax lawyer before that happens in order to avoid these problems in the first place.

For example, one time New York residents may run into tax issues is after receiving an inheritance. Typically, receiving an inheritance is not a taxable event, but there can be tax controversies that arise and greatly complicate the inheritance for the beneficiary or the executor of the estate.

In order to avoid this, it’s best to consult a tax attorney who can work with the estate planning lawyer to make sure that all potential tax issues are resolved.

Another example is when a New York resident is accused of not paying taxes. Oftentimes, these accusations are made against small business owners who are self-employed. Although few people actually intend on committing tax fraud or failing to pay taxes, this can easily result when small business owners don’t have their tax returns prepared properly.

Being accused of tax fraud can have lasting consequences, which is why it’s important to have your taxes done correctly in the first place by a qualified attorney.

Finally, many New Yorkers end up being audited each year because their tax returns raise red flags with the IRS. As we discussed in a previous post during tax season, these red flags can include high income, deductions that are above average, small business expenses and certain charitable deductions.

While getting audited is not the worst thing a person can go through, it usually isn’t a very pleasant experience and most people would prefer to avoid it when given the chance. Working with an experienced tax lawyer ahead of time can help avoid these red flags and the audits they trigger.

Now is the time to address any potential tax issues surrounding your estate plan and to start thinking about your tax plan for filing 2014 income taxes. An experienced tax attorney can help you address these matters before they turn into problems that demand attention.

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