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What Do Tax Lawyers Do: Facts You Should Know About Tax Law & Tax Attorneys

If you have queries related to taxes, then you need more than someone who just understands a few codes of tax. You might need to consult an experienced tax attorney who can go through your immediate tax situation and give you appropriate guidance on how your current situation is going to have an impact on other aspects of your business.

You must hire a reputable New York City tax attorney who is experienced in helping both individuals and businesses in a wide variety of industries across the US. They must find comprehensive solutions to the issues that are commonly faced by tax defaulters.  It is essential that an attorney or the law firm you hire has a far-ranging experience of multiple industries so that they can help their clients to have the immediate impact of tax-related situations on their plans or operations.

What Type Of Consultations A Tax Firm or Attorney Offers?

There are a number of ways you can take the help of a tax lawyer or a tax firm. These include:

Consulting on Accounting & Taxes:  Taxes are an important part of any business as they contribute majorly to its financial equation. In order to evaluate your company’s operations and its working efficiency in a particular year, it is essential that one must consider taking the guidance of an experienced tax firm that has a deep knowledge of accounting. This holistic approach to your business’ finances permits you to make comprehensive economic resolutions while getting the most out of tax savings/minimizing tax liability for your company. Such law firms or tax attorneys offer accounting services like:

  •         Bookkeeping
  •         Payroll
  •         Financial Statement Preparation
  •         Business Tax Preparation like Business Property, Sales & Use, etc.

Business Entities & Structure Consulting: A taxation firm or tax attorney offers tax compliance guidance on a wide spectrum of tax issues. They help all types of business entities like Partners, C corporations, S corporations, limited liability companies, and all other forms of business entities. They help businesses that are in front of any unresolved statutory modifications or tax regulations that have been implemented recently.

Tax Planning & Much More: There are many law firms that do more than just making sure that you have decided to have your accountant file your return before the final day. The reliable firms offer year-round consulting that supports businesses and business owners to evaluate their tax conditions and reduce tax obligations in both the long and short term.

What Does Tax Lawyers Actually Do?

Most of the people are not completely aware of everything that tax lawyers actually do. In reality, tax lawyers have a lot of responsibilities and skills that are sometimes not a part of their profession. It’s true that they dedicate themselves to helping people file tax returns and answering to IRS audits, but there are so many ways through which a tax lawyer could assist you!

  1.       When You Owe Back Taxes
  2.       When You’re Being Audited
  3.       When You’re Filing Complicated Taxes
  4.       If You Go to Tax Court
  5.       If You are Under IRS Criminal Investigation
  6.       Protect Your Assets
  7.       Setting Up Your Will
  8.       When You are Buying or Selling a Business
  9.       When You are Starting a Business
  10.   Tax Lawyers Can Provide What CPAs Cannot

Though we have already discussed so many conditions in which we might need the help of New York City Tax attorney, but you would definitely need the help of an expert when you are filing complicated taxes. Getting tax notice or audits are commonly occurring problems but filing complicated taxes and taking care of criminal investigations are serious calls for which you should hire an expert.

Those who are single and have a straight-forward income; they might not find much need of hiring a tax lawyer who could file taxes on their behalf. But for business owners, particularly those with working personnel, hiring a tax attorney is a good idea. They can support you and even guide you through the legal constraints of what you can and can’t write off. They can also guide you in organizing your tax records, together with employee credentials. It is essential for an attorney to be familiar with tax deductions you are entitled to along with whatsoever that might turn up a problem for you and put you in the risk of being audited.

We believe that a tax resolution company cannot help you with this, you will need a team of tax defense lawyers. Tax resolution companies only promise to give you tax relief by charging minimal fees. On the other hand, defense lawyers for taxation will cater to your tax problems, stop the IRS from garnishing wages and obtain emergency debt relief from the IRS. They will help you avoid levees from being placed on your bank accounts and keep your tax payments and fines from growing out of control.

The fight against the IRs charges is going to be very tough, but a tax attorney could help you and win. We have a great team of attorneys who have a great track record of success. We have helped several clients and saved their hard-earned money from the IRS. We are highly competitive and put forward flat-fee pricing that fits your needs and your budget. No matter where you are in the procedure, we can support you in the best of your situation.


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